German-American rapper George Nicholas releases SORRY4THEWAIT | Free EP

US born / Germany raised rapper George Nicholas releases his latest effort “SORRY4THEWAIT”, a 4-track free tape of him rapping over hand-picked mainstream instrumentals and classic instrumentals as well. Roughly mixed and unmastered, consider this an appetiser to his upcoming “Capital Gain” EP…No apologies.

Check it out and grab your free copy below.

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About George Nicholas

George Nicholas was born a 90’s baby in the Peninsula of California’s Bay Area. After spending his early childhood years in Redwood City his family moved to rainy Hamburg, Germany where he grew up and currently still resides. George first got into contact with Rap music through a friend in elementary school and by the time he was 10 years old he knew that he wanted to be part of the culture. What followed were his first written lyrics and vocal recordings using a shitty laptop microphone. Through his family ties and regular trips back to the Bay Area, George stayed true to his California roots while living in Germany and it wouldn’t be long until the young teen started smoking his first blunts to the sounds of Mac Dre and Andre Nickatina. Throughout the years George recorded various free tracks and mixtapes, which he distributed locally in his hometown Hamburg. In 2014 he released his “Dual Citizenship” EP, which helped him gain attention in the German underground Rap scene (yaay!). The following year he released “The Biopsy” EP in cooperation with German Hip-Hop magazine JUICE. As of right now George Nicholas is working on his latest EP titled “Capital Gain”. Stay tuned…

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