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FREE download: Moduloktopus presents ALLTOPUS (ALL tracks in 1 link)

From our good friend in Boston, Moduloktopus, a special gift to our readers:

Blessings to you Pittsburgh Music Magazine
As my welcoming gift to 2014 I am very excited to give you :
A L L T O P U SMy Complete body of work from all years of creative output for you to enjoy and Download.Releasing at least a track every week for the past year and a half, I’ve never ceased to give everyone the best of myself in many genres.
This is my gift for all who wanted a collection of all my music and a closing chapter to my constant bootleg output.
Spending Countless hours in my studio making all this music happen for me to gift it away, all I wish in return is to have it Shared and Enjoyed!


Enjoy and Post as a FREE download
Always grateful for the Love and support you’ve brought
Thank You
My Best Wishes in 2014 your way,