Slayer and Gojira hit Stage AE Pittsburgh next week…11/20!

The almighty Slayer hits town next week with a tour touted to have an “old school” set list, including tracks from 1983′s Show No Mercy, 1985′s Hell Awaits, 1986′s Reign In Blood, and 1988′s South of Heaven among others.  if that isn’t enough to get a metalhead’s juices flowing, the amazing Gojira is opening for Slayer with their brand of French metal in support of their masterpiece L’Enfant Sauvage (2012).  Thrash metal band 4ARM will also open.  Can’t wait for this one.  So to get you fire up here are some stories, vids and a review of the 2013 show…say hi in the pit or at the bar!

Slayer talks next record and 2013 set list:

Gojira Vids:

Review from Hollywood:

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