Blevin Blectum Announces New “Emblem Album” LP Out December 7th

Stream new song “Cromis Part 1” from “Emblem Album” here!

“Blectum shaves beats so razor thin that they lose their bass-ness and become another light, feathery wafer to stack and arrange. She’s clinical in her song-making: Every sound, from fuzzy poofs of static to 8-bit bleeps to the reversed violin (Blectum is classically trained), gets examined under her microscope. Each instrument resides in its own glass case, ready for inspection.” – Pitchfork

Bevin Kelley/ Blevin Blectum is an electronic music / multimedia composer, performer and sound designer, violinist and veterinary nurse. Her work can be heard in radio plays, electronic toys, theater spaces, film and television scores, advertisements, clubs, concert halls, headphones, and art spaces. Working solo and in collaboration (with Kristin Grace Erickson as Blectum from Blechdom), she has released a dozen or so records since 1998, on labels such as Tigerbeat6, Orthlorng, Phthalo, andAagoo. Her fifth solo album (as Blevin Blectum) will be released December 7th 2013, on the Aagoo label. She plans to complete her Ph.D in MEME / Computer Music and Multimedia from Brown University in May of 2014.

Blevin Blectum is a wordless sonic-world-builder, a sound designer situated precariously on a scaffolding of loosely precise and drastically personal time and structure – a creature of speculative sonic fictions. She has performed 7 / multimedia worldwide since 1998. She also tours and records with her better Blectal half, Kevin Blechdom. Together they form the doubly-troubled entity BLECTUM FROM BLECHDOM. They tied for second prize in 2001, bagging the Ars Electronica Award of Distinction in Digital Musics (Linz, Austria) for their first full-length album The Messy Jesse Fiesta. Blevin Blectum’s most recent collaboration is with her brother Kelley Polar, co-producing live radio play science fiction for violin, viola, electronics, voices, and theatrical objects.

Her fifth solo album, EMBLEM ALBUM, released on the effervescent and always- spot-on AAGOO label on December 7th 2013, picks up where her critically acclaimed 2008 release GULAR FLUTTER left off. The Wire magazine (UK) tapped GULAR FLUTTER as one of its top 15 Electronic records of 2008.

“Emblem Album” Track List:
1. Cromis Part 1
2. Cromis Part 2
3. Nanofancier
4. Deathrattlesnake
5. Basically Chunnelled
6. Wrapped in Aw
7. Harpsifloored
8. Goth Botch
9. Manners
10. Sycamore Scarab

Blevin Blectum Live!
Thursday 12/5 @ Granoff Center for the Arts / Brown University (live performance + artist talk)
Saturday 12/7 @ Columbus Theatre / Providence, RI (official release party feat. Blevin Blectum and Blectum from Blechdom sets)

+ More dates coming soon!