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My Heart to Fear – New EP Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity


This five track EP wastes no time with getting their point across. Christian metal band My Heart to Fear make a bold statement with their post hardcore sound in more ways than one.

The first track, “Blood Money,” breaks out with an excellently distorted riff, almost as a preparatory image of what is to follow. Blood money espouses a motivating variability in structure, and I was particularly drawn to the groovy weight of the breakdown, followed by nothing other than a unique bass scale. Transitioning into the second track, “Life Under the Stairs,” envelops a sparing use of synth and gang vocals that are altogether unique and powerful. The August Burns Red style guitar harmonizing and great use of clean vocals take this to another level altogether creatively. Life Under Stairs transitions into a nightmarish horror-film style breakdown with paralyzing synchronization that makes you feel you could wake up any minute in a cold sweat. “Life Under the Stairs” is not only creative and different; it has conveniently burrowed itself into my subconscious!

“Legends Never Die” is beyond heavy and grueling. This five piece from Williamsport, Pennsylvania are choosing a new avenue with incorporation of synth and style of production altogether. Breakdowns accompanied by nice clean vibrato, and gang vocals in unison, “Family, Faith, Pride, Brotherhood” – four pillars that undoubtedly serve as a foundation for the existence of this project.

The fourth track, “Dear Mister White,” slows it down, and embodies energy and organized chaos in its truest form. This track will make you want to smash anything in your nearest reach while listening to this punching amplifier. Dear Mister White evolves toward a memorable riff with technically executed solos that don’t overstay their welcome.

The EP strongly sums with “The Witching Hour” favors extremely brisk harmonies in faultless accordance with one another. This track busts out several extremely killer breakdowns again, as if to recap the EP in a deathly farewell that draw us all to metal to begin with and maintain our adoration. The EP ends in an eerie and angelic vocal harmonization that really makes the message clear.

The entire EP is loaded with extremely cut-throat breakdowns and haunting lyrics that send a message to look within yourself, and walk away with an empowered attitude. These guys definitely know how to leave an impression. Hailing from Williamsport, PA myself, these guys are putting my hometown on the map for metal, (and give us something other than Little League). Lost Between Brilliance and Insanity maintains an altogether great live feel, and the longer you listen, the more clearly you can envision yourself in the pit surrounded by the energy and unrest that we all search for as fans.

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