Ending People Getting It Started With Filling Lungs

Ending People has managed to incorporate romanticism within new wave, experimental electronica and prog pop. Clean guitar lines meander through their new synth driven EP, Filling Lungs.  “Beat Of My Heart”, the first track chugs along like an old Simple Minds record (New Gold Dream-Sparkle In The Rain) or something sublime from the british soundbytes I grew up listening to (Tears For Fears, The Fixx, P Furs, Genesis).  Erin Roberts is a fine singer and clearly understands spatial awareness by fitting nice melody lines within creamy synth overlays. Her voice is a perfect match for the warm and lush sympathetic soundscapes. There’s nothing deeply cryptic lyrically, the songs are underpinned by the band’s metronomic-yet-fluid rhythm patterns you’d find on a ever popular record by Keane or portions of Muse songs.  “I’m Not Coming Back” is their strongest cut and has an textural appeal that stands above the other cuts. I’ll take more of these on your next turn please.


The whole listening experience remains interesting and limited only by the six songs available on the EP- Filling Lungs. Ending People has cool start in a tough commercial viable genre. They have a high band IQ and sensibility that will put them on a bill with other cool bands like Deep Sea Diver or Divine Fits. Colorado is more diverse by having them around and their best work is ahead of them. Hoping I might be able to chat with band for a more intimate Q & A if they come through Pittsburgh….hint hint.

Ending People is:
Erin Roberts, Tim Husmann, Jeff Davenport, Justin Croft

The Eldge Rating Scale:  Ending People- Filling Lungs EP: 3 Stars

1 Star > pass on it  

2 Stars > couple good cuts

3 Stars > explore this one  

4 Stars > purchase it  

5 Stars > never leaves your side

Rob Eldridge

Writer & Photographer, PMM