SYLENCER: ‘A Lethal Dose of Truth’ Streaming in Full

SYLENCER, Markus Johansson’s new project with bassist Johnny Rox and drummer Kevin Talley (Dååth, Six Feet Under), released their new album A Lethal Dose of Truth yesterday with the band’s independent label, Sylencer Records. In celebration of yesterday’s release, AOL’s is streaming the entire album now, along with a list of Markus’ favorite guest guitar solos. Listen now!

The new SYLENCER album features guest appearances from the accomplished likes of Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), Brendon Small (Dethklok), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), and Gene Hoglan (Death, Testament). See a continued list of the amazing artists involved in this project below:

Michael Angelo Batio – Lead Guitar (MAB, Nitro)
Metal Mike Chlasciak – Lead Guitar (Rob Halford, Sebastian Bach)
Steve DiGiorgio – Bass Guitar (Sadus, Death, Testament, Iced Earth)
Roland Grapow – Lead Guitar (Helloween, Masterplan)
The Heathen – Vocals (Zimmers Hole)
Christian Lasegue – Lead Guitar (Jag Panzer)
Marco Minnemann – Drums (Necrophagist, Paul Gilbert, Kreator)
Sean Reinert – Drums (Cynic, Death)
Steve Smyth – Lead Guitar (Forbidden, Testament, Nevermore)
Larry Tarnowski – Lead Guitar (Iced Earth)
Emil Werstler – Lead Guitar (Dååth, Chimaira, Levi/Werstler)

For more information on SYLENCER, please visit these websites: