Bison B. C. Blasts Back to the Dark Ages

Shazam and Sirius liquid Metal brought Bison B.C. into my life and I am now better off for it. The Vancouver based band hit like an all out assault on my senses from my Rockports, threatening to shatter my windows and take me off the road. I had to find out who this band was and why I had not heard of them before. Thanks to that wonderful little app Shazam I soon had my answer and was downloading their latest EP Dark Ages. So there I am cutting the grass with my headphones on and I can’t stop being a total metal geek as I am bleeding my ears with the enourmous vocals, tribally dark drumbeats, and beautifully crunching guitars. Their musicianship and approach to songs was unique and showed true mastery of what they were trying to accomplish. You really have to check their stuff out before I go further:

From Metal Blade’s Site:

On BISON b.c.’s latest slab, Dark Ages, relentless touring – with the likes of Priestess, Baroness, 3 Inches Of Blood, and more – has fine tuned the band’s dedication to the riff to metallic perfection. Dark Ages breathes like a rabid animal that you’d find tied up in WINO’s backyard. It’s Flying V’s, analog perfection, loud & sludgy, played by hairy dudes in dirty denim jackets.

A bison is “a big, hairy, strong animal,” says James Farwell, who plays guitar and sings for Bison b.c. That could as just as well describe the band, which rose from the ass-end of the continent in Vancouver, Canada, to utter its doomed, plaintive call, and tramples through the constellations on its four shaggy limbs (James, Dan And, Masa Anzai, and Brad Mackinnon). Ghostly, windswept prairies, the mythical haunts of native lore: it is all there. Self-described “Canadian dirtbags” and veterans of Vancouver’s deep thrash and indie scenes, they are hitting their stride and offering up a new soundtrack for our last party before certain extinction. There is illness, abuse, apocalypse, and French horn.

Their first Metal Blade release, Quiet Earth, showed what that earth’s last sound might be like. It was heavy, sick, and crazy; stomping and banging, elegiac with cello. Just beneath the rock they described a bad trip through a devastated world where resigned dignity and camaraderie with the friends that remain are the only consolations.

This mixture of rowdiness and gentleness is very much of their hard-living, hard-loving hometown: fucked-up modernity’s last outpost on the rim of a vast, menacing wilderness. In their new release, James sings, “Vancouver’s an empty bottle, our dying thirst causing problems. Stand at dawn, the beginning of something heartfelt and replaceable.” No matter where we are, this is what it has come to in this age. So let’s listen to these gentlemen and rock out together.

“…intense, guitar heavy thrash that would make even Municipal Waste step back in awe.” Alternative Press

“…they dare to approach the maniacal majesty of present-day High on Fire.” Decibel Magazine

“…unpretentious, mountainous rock…frequently sound like Mastodon at their most straightforward, coming impressively close to that band’s mastery of the riff.” Terrorizer Magazine

“Heavy, man. Real heavy. Jean-jacket heavy…If Mastodon had spent more time listening to Anthrax, they might sound like Vancouver’s Bison B.C.”

“everything you could ask for in a metal band.”

“The name is Bison b.c. and they are heavy as fuck…” Thrasher Magazine

We can only hope these guys hit Pittsburgh sometime soon, but for now here are the listed tour dates:

BISON b.c.
Tour w/ Weedeater, Saviours, Fight Amp
09/15 Columbus, OH Outland Live
09/16 Grand Rapids, MI The Pyramid Scheme
09/17 Chicago, IL Reggies
09/18 Marquette, MI Upfront and Co.
09/19 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock Social Club
09/20 Rock Island, IL Rock Island Brewing Co.
09/23 Denver, CO Larimer Lounge
09/24 Salt Lake City, UT Burt’s Tiki Lounge
09/26 Seattle, WA The Highline
09/27 Vancouver, BC The Rickshaw Theatre
09/28 Portland, OR Branx
09/29 San Francisco, CA The Independent
10/01 San Diego, CA Soda Bar
10/02 Los Angeles, CA The Key Club
10/03 Tempe, AZ TBA
10/04 Albuquerque, NM The Launchpad
10/06 Austin, TX Emo’s
10/07 Houston, TX Fitzgerald’s
10/08 New Orleans, LA Siberia
10/09 Atlanta, GA The Earl
10/10 Athens, GA New Earth Music Hall
10/11 Tallahassee, FL The Engine Room
10/12 Tampa, FL The Orpheum
10/14 Savannah, GA The Jinx
End Tour
Canadian Headlining Tour
10/19 Ottawa, ON Café De Kcuf
10/20 Kingston, ON The Mansion
10/21 London, ON Call The Office
10/22 Toronto, ON Bovine Sex Club w/ C’mon (final show), Burning Love, Miesha and the Spanks
10/24 Thunder Bay, ON Jack’s
10/26 Winnipeg, MB The Zoo
10/27 Regina, SK The Exchange
10/28 Saskatoon, SK Amigos
10/29 Edmonton, AB Starlite Room
10/31 Calgary, AB Commonwealth
11/01 Fernie, BC The Northern
11/02 Kamloops, BC Pogue Mahone

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