BURY THE SILENCE: Michigan Tech-Metallers Release New EP

Muskegon, MI tech death metal band BURY THE SILENCE have just released their first EP for San Francisco, CA based indie metal label Rogue Records America, entitled The Architecture of Struggle. The album was released last week on August 14, 2012.

Stream the album now here!

The four-piece signed with the label in December 2011 and the new LP is their first release for Rogue Records. The album will be available for download through iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and other digital retailers. CM Distro will offer the album on CD by mail order.

The new EP, a follow up 2010’s Phobiotic, contains five pounding yet technical death metal cuts. The title track is blisteringly brutal while ‘The Jealous Heart of a Weak Man’ showcases BURY THE SILENCE’s technical skills. ‘In Darkness I Exhume’ from the band’s first EP and also included on the latest cut can be heard at Soundcloud.

BURY THE SILENCE were formed in 2009 by Josh Hibbs (bass) and Roger Gundy (Lead Guitar) and also includes Corey Bradfield (Lead Guitar), Brett Barrett (Drums) and Addrok Garvey (Vocals).