Goes Cube Release What Ruckus EP, Benefit For Victims Of Gun Violence

From Goes Cube:

“The issue of gun violence has always been something that has resonated with us, particularly because the Goes Cube family has been directly impacted by it in the past. As with everyone else, the recent tragedy in Aurora horrified us, and broke our hearts. Reports of record gun sales immediately following the massacre saddened us further; as such an influx of guns into American homes represents so much more potential for tragic accidents, and purposeful violence. In the pursuit of positive change, and to help victims of gun violence, we worked with The End Records to compile an online-only EP. All proceeds from the sale of this EP will go to the Brady Center: a tax-exempt organization that assists victims of gun violence. No donations made to the Brady Center fund lobbying of any kind. This is not a political issue for us; it is a matter of attempting to prevent further gun deaths and injuries through education, responsibility, advocacy, and more.

The EP, titled What Ruckus, contains one track each from our two full-length albums, as well as tracks from the earlier, shall we say, more formative years of the band. Among these songs, two tracks from Beckon The Dagger God (a long sold-out EP, that was briefly distributed through Cordless Recordings), as well as two tracks that, before What Ruckus, were never formally released and available only on self-made one-off CDs for shows.

Hopefully, this will serve as an interesting look back as we prepare our next full-length album (for 2013). But more importantly, with our fans’ support, we hope it will assist those who have been harmed by guns and encourage more conversation about how to prevent any further deaths or injuries.”

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