Cosmo Jarvis Releases Self Produced Directorial Debut, “The Naughty Room”

Radio 4 ‘Today’ hail Cosmo Jarvis as a special creative talent. Calling his film “a turning point in popular culture” (Mark Coles, Radio 4 ‘Today’)

“For me, Cosmo’s work is something special. Always original and inventive, he offers real insight into the world of young people, their lives and issues; he does this from a very personal point of view and always in an entertaining way” (Richard Klein, Controller BBC4)

At the tender age of just 22 Cosmo Jarvis has already made a name for himself as a young cultural chameleon. For the past four years he has been combining his talents in music and film. His YouTube shorts have been viewed over three million times and earned him a host of celebrity admirers including Brian Eno, Stephen Fry and Kylie Minogue.

This work has already made him an online phenomenon and secured Cosmo a whole host of fans who admire his originality but the ever inspirational Cosmo has to take it up a gear. He has just finished his first ever full-length film, which he wrote, directed, shot, edited, scored and starred in – on a self-financed budget of eight thousand pounds. Entitled ‘The Naughty Room’, the film has now been picked up and confirmed for its premiere screening on BBC4 in late August.

The Naughty Room is a black comedy dealing with abuse, death, drugs, sex and redemption and tells the story of Todd, a 20 year old who has been incarcerated since he was a child in a bathroom – the Naughty Room – by his disturbed mother. When 20 year-old Subaru discovers the imprisoned Todd he unleashes a daring escape plan with unintended consequences.

In Cosmo’s words, his new film is: “Mainly about parenting, as well as taking responsibility to better yourself. The hardest part of making this film was not being older. People just don’t want to deal with you in a professional manner if you’re young. But truly the worst part was hearing Mr Spielberg was up on the Dartmoor, our local beauty spot, making ‘War Horse’ with a crew of fuck loads, rather than two Volkswagen Golfs.”

Alongside this film project Cosmo has recently delivered his third album ‘Think Bigger’ which will be released on Essential distribution via his own music and film label 25th Frame on July 23rd. Having already garnered four star reviews in Q, MOJO and The Independent, it seems like 2012 is a turning point for Cosmo. With his new album Cosmo has decided to adhere to a singer-songwriter template tinged with alt-country sensibilities and a string section sourced from Ebay. This is Cosmo Jarvis, though, so it’s never straightforward or predictable – everything is imprinted with his personality and imagination. This multi-skilled young talent is the poster boy for the 21st century do it your-self attitude.

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