Motley Crüe Gives Away Free “Sex”


Motley Crüe is giving away their new single “Sex” for 24 hours. You can get it now here www.

Before “Sex” hit the airwaves, bassist Nikki Sixx compared the song’s sound to something off Too Fast for Love, Mötley Crüe’s seminal 1981 debut album. Noisecreep asked Lee for his take on the track: “I think Nikki is partially right. It’s got a retro Crüe kind of vibe to it — a simplistic riff. But I also think the song has a modern sound to it. There’s some cool analog synths in it and a beat that is really funky and modern. So I guess you can say that it has a retro yet modern sound.

“Overall, I think that “Sex” sounds like 2012 and that makes me really happy. It turned out killer! Not that I’m not into some retro-sounding stuff, but it is 2012 kids — let’s keep it moving,” says the 49-year-old drummer. “At the end of the day, it’s a great summertime song that’s going to have everybody screaming along to it on this upcoming tour.”

Motley is in Pittsburgh 9/2!