Danko Jones: Bring on the Mountain DVD is a Must See

Seems like every band has a documentary about them these days. Some of them are riveting and some of them are just merely lame promo videos. But, lately it seems like efforts from everybody like Foo Fighters to Kings of Leon to Lemmy have produced fascinating looks into the lives and trappings of being in a band.
Well, add Danko Jones to the list of must see DVD’s. (check out a preview here). We here at PMM got a special preview and fell in love with the doc and Danko Jones’ music.
Bring on the Mountain keeps your attention from beginning to end and has some truly introspective and honest moments.
How Danko Jones built their rep and tackled the business really will take you aback, especially the way things happen on the fast and furious track of social media today. Artistic differences, producer problems, collaboraters, tours all over the world, studio shots, lyrical insight, Spinal Tap moments, every element one craves for in a visual history of a band is there. One of our favorite quotes has to be, “We’ll leave the saving the world to Bono” when talking about how they just want to rock and entertain. It’s amazing that DJ has the amount of video archives to draw from over their 15 year career. We cannot stress enough how much you need to check the doc out.

Canadian rock phenomenon DANKO JONES’s DVD collection, Bring On The Mountain, is in stores now and definitely worth picking up if you are a fan of DJ or just a fan of music. The two-disc DVD features a comprehensive 90 minute documentary spanning the band’s incredible career, including a slew of exclusive live clips from some of their most memorable performances from around the world. In order to give their fans the best viewing experience possible, the band has blended the greatest clips and moments captured on video throughout their career—forming the outstanding DVD that rabid DANKO JONES fans have been clamoring for. Shot by the Diamond Bros., the documentary offers a unique insight into the ups and downs of one of the hardest working bands around today.

An extra special treat for fans comes in the format of a short film titled The Ballad of Danko Jones. Based on Danko Jones’ most recent video trilogy, the film features actors Elijah Wood, Selma Blair, Ralph Macchio, Jena Malone, musicians Lemmy (Motorhead), Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE), and many other familiar faces. All 19 music videos the band has ever made, including videos that have not been available in over 10 years, are also included.

DANKO JONES recently wrapped up recording a new album at Noble Street Studios in their hometown of Toronto, ON with producer Matt DeMatteo, and is currently in Vancouver working on the final mixes with engineer Mike Fraser. The currently untitled album is expected to be released early fall 2012.