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Roger Waters The Wall Pittsburgh 7/3/2012

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All photos courtesy of MPAP PHOTO
Roger Waters brought his unbelievable production of The Wall back to Pittsburgh, for the second time in as many years, on July 3. With some new graphics and the outstanding musicians Waters’ always employs, The Wall was once again a triumphant performance that bombarded all senses. The timelessness of the symbolism and messages was present not only in the music, but the thematic, and visuals as well.
At 69, Waters is in amazing shape both physically and vocally. Every one of his musicians is top-notch with special mention of standouts Dave Kilminster (guitar), Robbie Wyckoff (vocals), and G.E. Smith (guitar). The visuals were once again very “Banksy” inspired and mixed with Waters’ pacificist message including pictures of loved ones lost in wars from all ‘sides’, many sent from fans. Also present are snippets of the original film animations from Gerald Scarfe.
There is no way to justify explaining this production in words, it truly has to be seen to believe.
We hope this is not the last time The Wall comes to Pittsburgh, but if it was, it was one hell of a send off.
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