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Cinderella Proves You Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Gone

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Pittsburgh was actually nice to Philadelphians last night…well at least a few. Die hard hair metal nation was in full force last night in the Homestead section of Pittsburgh to welcome Cinderella to the Carnegie Library Music Hall in Homestead. This was an excellent venue to catch the band up close and personal for a heartfelt performance. The 25th Anniversary Tour included the fan favorite all-star line up of: Tom Keifer, Eric Brittingham, Jeff LaBar and Fred Coury.
Plus, the set list included all their big hits and a few newer gems. See below:

Keifer’s voice appears to be top-notch since the difficulties he faced back in ’94. Looking every bit the love child of Jagger and Tyler, Keifer proves to be the force behind Cinderella. A solid performer vocally, musically, and entertaining as well, Keifer appeared to be enjoying himself as he was taken up by the crowds adulation. It was also great to see Jeff LaBar back in action and taking no prisoners. His guitar playing and theatrics were high-flying and spot on. Sometimes stepping onto the monitors to get closer to the action, LaBar proved himself as a fan favorite. (I personally witnessed Jeff go out of his way, outside of the venue, to fulfill the wishes of two huge fans by taking pictures and signing autographs, despite the overbearing nature of some). Brittingham and Coury held down the rhythm section in a tight pursuit of keeping the bottom end at full force. All the members and crew of Cinderella seem very grateful that they can carry on entertaining crowds and bringing some of us back to our heydays.
Last night proved why Cinderella was and is not just another hair metal band that went to the wayside when its genre burned out. The band’s work is heavily blues influenced and structurally sound through Keifer’s song writing (“Shake Me”, ‘”Nobody’s Fool”, “Gypsy Road”, “Don’t Know What You Got”, “Coming Home”, “Shelter Me”, and “Heartbreak Station”). He wears his influences of Aerosmith, Stones, and Sweet on his sleeve, and maybe that’s why he and his band are still out there, the basics always hit the right notes and the fans just keep coming for more.
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