Cradle of Filth To Release Eight Album Reissues

Grammy nominated Cradle Of Filth have been pioneers of extreme music since their debut in 1994 and have continued to evolve with each of their subsequent releases. Never shy of embracing the epic, Cradle have constantly sought to push the boundaries of their art and have continually refused to bow to convention or to conform to prevalent trends and fads. Despite this uncompromising stance, the band is still the most successful British heavy metal band since Iron Maiden with legions of fans around the globe. These rare and early reissues, some never officially released in North America, will now be available in Digi-Pak style packaging and are essential to the collection of any Cradle Of Filth or extreme metal fan.

Reissue July 3:

CRADLE OF FILTH – From The Cradle To Enslave EP (Reissue)
-1999 EP including 2 original tracks, 2 covers, and a re-recorded track from Dusk And Her Embrace
-Cover tracks: “Death Comes Ripping” (Misfits) and “Sleepless” (Anathema)

CRADLE OF FILTH – Cruelty And The Beast (2CD Reissue)
-1998 concept album based on the legend of Hungarian “blood countess” Elizabeth Bathory
-Regarded as an essential COF release, Cruelty and the Beast has been featured in various best-of lists, including Kerrang!’s “Essential Black Metal Albums” list
-Special edition 5 track bonus CD

CRADLE OF FILTH – LoveCraft & Witch Hearts (2CD Reissue)
-2-disc compilation album: first disc sampler of Music For Nations album tracks, and second disc of 13 tracks from limited and imported editions
-2nd disc contains covers of Slayer, Iron Maiden, Massacre, and more, plus remixes and rare b-sides

CRADLE OF FILTH – PanDaemonAeon DVD (Reissue)
-DVD including 2 versions of the band’s first promo video for “From the Cradle to Enslave”
-Also includes a making-of documentary & live concert footage from the London Astoria on June 5, 1998

CRADLE OF FILTH – Midian (Reissue)
-Band’s 4th studio album, released Halloween 2000 – marks introduction of Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, Haunted) and Martin Powell (My Dying Bride, Anathema)
-Shift towards thrash/death metal guitar, considered COF’s most commercial & accessible album at release.

CRADLE OF FILTH – Dusk And Her Embrace (Reissue)
-2nd full-length album, introducing the varied vocal styles that have defined the band’s sound
-Final track “Haunted Shores” features guest vocals by Cronos of Venom (UK black metal pioneers)

Reissue July 31:

CRADLE OF FILTH – Vempire Or Dark Faerytales (Reissue)
-1996 EP – Cradle Of Filth’s first release following their debut album
-Marks the replacement of 3 band members and the introduction of backing vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva
-Demonstrates a major improvement in the band’s songwriting and instrumentals
-First official North American release

CRADLE OF FILTH – The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh (Reissue)
-1994 debut album from Cradle of Filth
-Widely recognized as Cradle’s rawest and most authentic black metal recording
-First official North American release

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