Pittsburgh’s STEELESQUE Release EP ‘Johnny On the Spot’: Raw, Raunchy, and Ready

Pittsburgh resident Rob Eldridge hails from Swanton, Vermont, but he brings a little more old England than New England to his musical efforts. On the EP release under Eldridge’s pseudonym ‘Steelesque’, Eldridge sets a funked up Rolling Stones, Stereophonics, The Faces, Pearl Jam lovechild that has a unique sound with a familiar ring to it.
The effort rolls out with ‘I Got Mine’ that has a smooth rhythm and raunchy feel. With outstanding lyrical sense, Eldridge can pull off lines such as, “I aint been known to kiss and tell” with a tongue in cheek mischevious humor. The track also features flowing guitar work with ‘that crunch’ feel as well. The studio work really pays off with great vocal backings and pure mix. Switching gears a bit, ‘Life Fast Wheel’ is almost a “dancy” changing pace from the opening track and shows the amount of versatility ‘Steelesque’ possesses. The tune will stick in your head and you will be humming it all day.
‘Hooker A’ is so 70’s Stonesy it bleeds Keith Richards heroin blood and is a killer track prompting Richard and Woods guitar poses while jamming to this piece. By far not a rip off but more of an homage to the guitar work that is so based in blues and funk. ‘Tom Boomadil’ feels like the Vermont countryside and has a grand tale hidden within the words. It feels like you are listening to a secret part of Eldridge’s past that he has let you in on. ‘Raven Don’t Mind’ is a great chill track and makes you want to sink into your couch, put your headphones on, and watch the worries float away to the music. It has a euphoric effect while leaving you buzzed without the hangover or dry mouth. The closing track ‘Dead Bee’ contains a clean guitar sound with superb sonic sound scape showing the beautiful blend Eldridge and his co-conspirators come up with consistently.

According to his website Steelesque Movement Eldridge’s “songwriting partner is Josh Egan. Josh is one of most talented musicians I ever worked with and his friendship is highly valued. Josh is an awesome drummer and songwriter that understands songs need integrity. We are essentially a Pittsburgh based indie-rock band in a time warp, experimenting with blues fueled rip-roaring rock and roll that is rough and ready. Steelesque fervently pursues good sounds. The sound reflects inspiration from the mind blowing music of the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. Josh Egan brings a ferocious style to the sound and adds big layered vocal harmonies. I handle most all guitar, bass and lead vocal parts on this EP. Mick Lykens adding lead and slide guitar parts on more than half the record. Eric Bee (Austin, TX) guitar player lends guitar parts on the first single “Life Fast Wheel” and “I Got Mine”. Kevin Maurer plays sax, trumpet and trombone on “Hooker A”.”

Eldridge has a long history in music and was in the very popular band Spring Heeled Jacks that was with River Rat Records and travelled with the likes of Government Mule, The Jayhawks, Blue Rodeo and Edgar Winters.
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