Australia’s Synthetic Breed Offer Unique Industrial Metal Experience

Synthetic Breeds bio tells of their “Crushing riffs, pounding polyrhythms and a superior technicality (…) combined with both explosive and dark movements of musical excellence to form a unique brand of Industrial Djent”.
Having just previewed the new material for ROGUE RECORDS AMERICA,‘Zero Degrees Freedom’ delivers on the description. ‘Zero Degrees Freedom’ contains re-workings of fan-favourites along with the brand new single of the same name.
With a bit of a band personnel changeover, Synthetic Breed has phoenixed into a unique brand of metal and what should be a big breakout for the foursome.

With such high-powered tunes as ‘Afflictions Of Advancement’, ‘Convergence’, and ‘Dimension Zero’ the band are reminiscent of a mixture of heavy electronica, thrash metal, hardcore metal, opera, and grindcore with their tribal drumbeats and immediate head banging rhythms. The vocals of MARES REFALAEDA are brutal and soothing depending on the swing of emotion set by the masterful instrumentation. Her range is unusual and fitting for an outfit that has used their history as an advantage of learning and becoming a tight unit. It seems that the songwriting and musicianship of VINCENT ZYLSTRA (GUITARS, PROGRAMMING, SEQUENCING) and DANIEL LUTTICK (DRUMS) and LUKE THIEL (BASS) have been influenced by the likes of Evanescence, Sepultura, Lamb of God, Ministry, and even Rush.

SYNTHETIC BREED have had a long development period beginning when they started playing live in 2002. By late 2003 their debut self-titled EP was released. The band continued to write and perform, molding their unique style and in early 2005 released their second EP, ‘Fractured’. In 2006, they recorded and released their first full-length album, ‘Catatonic’, which was received with worldwide critical acclaim. 2009 saw the recording and release of their second feature album, entitled ‘Perpetual Motion Machine’, once again released to worldwide critical acclaim. While the prior EP’s hinted at the musicality and progressive tendencies of SYNTHETIC BREED, their full length releases showcase their unique and individual style and sound in a spectacularly authoritative manner. The band is currently touring Australia and will make an appearance at Cologne’s EUROBLAST metal festival headlined by Scar Symmetry in October 2012. With all the festivals out and about we can hope to see them in the States in the near future.

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and this video of them performing ‘Convergence” here