DISFIGURING THE GODDESS: Exclusive Guest Vocal Contest

DISFIGURING THE GODDESS creator Cameron Argon and are launching the official, exclusive DISFIGURING THE GODDESS Vocal Cover Contest today here. Fans submitting entries are invited to record vocals, remakes, dance routines—or anything AWESOME with any track on DTG’s new album, Sleeper, and submit the videos as a response to the original contest video,(instrumental versions of all of the tracks are available on the bonus CD of the physical version of the album, available for sale at A panel of judges (below) will then review the videos and select a winner by June 15, 2012. “Acting the fool” is encouraged and “awesomeness” is the #1 judging criteria.

The first place winner will receive a guest vocal spot on the next DTG release. The second place winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the Indiemerch DISFIGURING THE GODDESS store (see below for link), and the third place winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to the store.

Brendon Small –Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse, Dethklok’s Dethalbum and Dethalbum II, Brendon Small’s GALAKTIKON
Nate Johnson – Premonitions of War, Fit For An Autopsy, Through The Eyes of the Dead
Jonathan Carpenter – The Contortionist
Shiv The Impaler – 7 Horns, 7 Eyes
DJ 2 Stacks (Kreayshawn)

The submission deadline for the DISFIGURING THE GODDESS Vocal Cover Contest is May 30, 2012.

Within the last few years, despite never performing live, DISFIGURING THE GODDESS has become a recognized name in the metal community amongst young fans and industry elites alike due to an impressive viral and word-of-mouth buzz about the project. Not only known as the brain behind the project, Argon performs the entirety of Sleeper on his own. Cameron Argon is better known by his other moniker, Big Chocolate. Though also heralded for his work as a producer and EDM artist, he has risen as a respected figure in the metal scene based on his notable work with DISFIGURING THE GODDESS.

Keep your eyes and ears open for new releases coming soon on Argon’s new record label, DECOMP RECORDS.

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