ATTIKA 7: Guitarist Rusty Coones to Appear on Episode Two of the New DISCOVERY CHANNEL Motorcycle Club Show ‘The Devil’s Ride’


ATTIKA 7 guitarist Rusty Coones is set to appear on this season of the Discovery Channel’s new motorcycle club series, ‘The Devil’s Ride’. The show premiered yesterday evening and serves as a window into the world of motorcycle clubs, featuring members of San Deigo’s Laffing Devils. Rusty Coones is scheduled to appear in Episode 2 next week, and ATTIKA 7 is scheduled to appear in one of the later episodes as a band. The music of ATTIKA 7 is set to be featured in select episodes throughout the series as well. Entertainment Weekly recently posted an exclusive preview of the show.

ATTIKA 7 is set to release their debut full-length album, Blood of My Enemies on July 31, 2012 with Rocket Science Ventures. The fan-dubbed “super group” features ex-Biohazard vocalist Evan Seinfeld, lead guitarist, notable songwriter and famed (Sons of Anarchy) motorcycle builder Rusty Coones, and bassist Tony Campos, founding member of Static X, who also currently performs in Soulfly, Prong, Possessed, Asesino and Ministry. ATTIKA 7 combines evil sounding riffs, melodic vocal lines, with old school guitar solos and undeniable grooves into a sonic frenzy of outlaw biker counter culture.

The band recorded Blood of My Enemies with legendary producer MUDROCK (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack). Blood of My Enemies is a brutal slab of unrelenting hard rock, with the initial groundwork laid by Rusty Coones in the confines of a federal penitentiary. It was in this unforgiving environment that he penned the songs that would eventually become the band’s uncompromising debut.

ATTIKA 7 will take to the road this summer with an ‘in your face’ live show combining all that is good in life: Bikes, Girls and Rock n’ Roll. Stay tuned for tour dates coming soon.

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