Metallica Fan Club So What! Magazine Goes to Newsstands

Next week the first ever newsstand edition of Metallica’s fan club publication So What! will hit newsstands, bookstores, and the net on May 14. The issue has 132 pages devoted to the 30th anniversary celebration at the Fillmore Theatre in December of 2011.  The special issue was done in collaboration with Metal Hammer and is said to be “packed with exclusive photos and special post Fillmore interviews. You’ll hear from all the members of Metallica, a few of your favorites that were on stage including Brian Tatler, Sean Harris, King Diamond, Dave Mustaine, and Rob Halford, and a look behind the scenes at how it all came together”.  Also, a  bonus 7″ vinyl single featuring live recordings from those nights of “So What” and “Through The Never” is included with each and every issue.  Nice to see a package like this offered without having to fork out $45-65.

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