Lamb of God’s Chris Adler- Tips for Drummers has posted the latest article in its ongoing series that documents the skyrocketing career of LAMB OF GOD drummer CHRIS ADLER. In this installment, CHRIS ADLER offers professional drumming tips to help his fans navigate their way through “The Faded Line,” from LAMB OF GOD’s 2004 breakout release Ashes Of The Wake.

“It’s super easy for me to just go in there and do the straight 4/4 beat or whatever,” ADLER describes his role in the songwriting process. “But I try to get them to loop whatever it is, or record it for me, so I can take a minute and think about it, ’What else can I do with this? What’s interesting? What’s going to be fun for me to play for the next 18 months?’”

In addition to ADLER’s expert technical advice, the article includes a full note-for-note transcription of his ferocious drum part from “The Faded Line,” as well as streaming music, and a 3-D diagram of the drum kit he used to record Ashes Of The Wake.


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